Team building activities

TEAM BUILDING can be defined as many things, but above all, we believe it is a combination of passionate actions, work ethics and team spirit!
Our main concern is to offer always a high level of travel and tourism services combined with the bonding of the team, always following the aims of the business-client. We are obsessed with serving people, who at the end of their holiday. with have fascinating stories to tell.

Greece is ideal for team building and incentive trips, as our country combines both sea, mountains, lakes, different types of accommodation and a wide variety of activities to make a team work together on a creative brainstorming, which will make them all act as one!

Check below what we came up with:

  • Weekend getaway to the mountains with activities like lake fishing, mountain bike, horse riding, trekking, archery
  • A week to the Greek islands with activities like cruise party, group fishing, treasure hunting
  • Day activities like building up a car with recycling material, car races!
  • Spent the team holidays like Ancient Greeks- During this trip your team will get to know the culture, will be inspired by the ethics, taste the food and study the Philosophy of Ancient Greece through a wide variety of activities.
  • Indoor activities like memory walls, strategic games, Escape rooms and so many more
  • Art activities, like improvisation classes, music conduction, etc

We know it takes time, courage, spirit and so many more to build a team. But we strongly belive, team building is much more than white boards & lectures.